Friday, 3 February 2012

29 to 30–Q1 Objectives (Feb to April)

After thinking through what I want to achieve in the next few months taking into account my recover from shoulder surgery I have come up with the following personal objectives for the first quarter of this little experiment.

  1. Launch personal website
  2. Run competitive 10k race
  3. Play disc golf right handed again
  4. Sand and paint the doors and frames upstairs in house.
  5. Blog more.

Lets see how it goes …

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

29 to 30–Business Plan

The past couple of years I’ve found that some things have been stumbled into or nothing has been done for a while and before you know it its the summer, then Christmas and another year has gone. So this year is going to be different!

Companies have business plans and quarterly objectives to help give guidance as to where the board want the company to go, what they want to achieve etc. so I’m going to have a go at applying this to my life this year and see what happens. Remember that quarterly objectives are there to stretch ambition they are not set because they will be easy.

The premise is I’m going to break the year into four quarters; February to April, May to July, August to October and November to January. So by the time I hit 30 I will have a defined set of objectives I wanted to hit and see where I get to. I’m going to try and decide on 5 objectives per quarter and any I don’t hit in that period will be rolled over into the next assuming they are still applicable. The idea isn’t that I end up in Q4 with 20 things to achieve but to make my 30th  year productive and structured and not just be sailing through life. Obviously things will come up and priorities will change but that’s life, this is here purely for me to try and make sure I do something with it.

As companies have objectives they also have bonus incentive schemes and so do I. For each of the objectives I hit I will allow myself to spend £20 on something fun, something which I wouldn’t normally buy unless I’d been saving for (I know this is a kind of saving scheme, but its in an unorthodox fashion) or something impulsive. It’s almost like paying myself to do something for myself.

So why am I posting this online, one single reason; accountability. I could write them up, work through the objectives through the year and at the end go “look what I’ve managed to achieve this year” however it won’t show what I’ve missed, how its progressed through the months and won’t be documented.

Let the experience begin …