Monday, 9 July 2007

BDGA Tour #7 - Quarry Park

A great weekend of disc golf was enjoyed by all at the weekend. The weather was spot on and I even got a wee bit sun burnt.

I will post more when I have time, either at work or when my internet at home gets sorted. For a quick over view of the weekends joyness the results are below:

In Open Division
1 188 Derek Robins
2 200 Bruce Webber
3 204 Matt Cutler
4 209 Charlie Mead
5 214 Conor Davies

In Amateur
1 210 Andy Solomons
2 212 Angus Bruce
3 213 Jesse Denny
4 218 Richard Wood
5 224 Andy Cotgreave

Spirit Award Ivan Bromage

And the award for the most OB's over the weekend went to ...

... ME!!!

I won a t-shirt and mini disc which were donated by the chaps north of the boarder.

First thing I've ever won at a disc golf event, hopefully next time it'll be a bit better than most OB's ... but hey, got to start somewhere ;-)

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Gotta Love the tinterweb!

You hear stories about how the internet is being used for bad things and illegal things, and sometimes you loose sight of the joys which the internet can bring ...

... but there are also very good things that the internet brings, not to mention things which couldn't be possible without it, which is why I'm posting. I am listening to internet radio, which is currently broadcasting a live DJ set from a night club in Japan! ( DJ SILVER FROM TOKYO - LIVE RIGHT NOW 3-JULY-07!!! on Di.FM).

How cool is that!!!

And the part which makes me smile is that i'm sitting in the office staring at my computer screen coding away ... and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of Japanese people raving away to the same music I'm listening to!

Gotta Love the internet :-)