Monday, 9 July 2007

BDGA Tour #7 - Quarry Park

A great weekend of disc golf was enjoyed by all at the weekend. The weather was spot on and I even got a wee bit sun burnt.

I will post more when I have time, either at work or when my internet at home gets sorted. For a quick over view of the weekends joyness the results are below:

In Open Division
1 188 Derek Robins
2 200 Bruce Webber
3 204 Matt Cutler
4 209 Charlie Mead
5 214 Conor Davies

In Amateur
1 210 Andy Solomons
2 212 Angus Bruce
3 213 Jesse Denny
4 218 Richard Wood
5 224 Andy Cotgreave

Spirit Award Ivan Bromage

And the award for the most OB's over the weekend went to ...

... ME!!!

I won a t-shirt and mini disc which were donated by the chaps north of the boarder.

First thing I've ever won at a disc golf event, hopefully next time it'll be a bit better than most OB's ... but hey, got to start somewhere ;-)

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