Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Beer Free September '07

Its time I've decided that I'm going to try and get rid of my beer belly. I'm sure it'll be the first attempt of many before I get married to loose the belly, but this is the plan ...

... I'm going to go a whole month without drinking any sort of beer or lager or bottled beer or bottled lager. This isn't going to be an alcohol free month and there is no reason why i chose a shortish month, but those are the rules. So lets see if this will work or not ... ... ... could be interesting either way.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Car Trouble continues ...

After all the agro which I had the other week with my car I thought it was going to be over for a while and my car life sort itself out ... how wrong was I!

After finally getting my car road worthy, i went to use it yesterday evening to get some dinner only to find that some stupid chaffy street punk losers had tried to break into it ... while it was on my drive! They didn't get very far and gave up, but in the process they have managed to pretty much rip the drivers door handle off and completely screw up the central locking! Just what I want to happen just before going on holiday ... i'm supposed to be relaxing!!

This leads me on to the proper rant ... don't give up when things get tough! If loser chaff kids actually decided to break into a car, don't give up at the first attempt and just do damage ... actually take the bugger! This is the story of their lives, something hard comes along, they give up and start sucking the money out of hard working people and the government.


Saturday, 11 August 2007

Car trouble

I've not had a ramble for a while as I've had loads of stuff on my plate, but I feel its time to have a rant about the stupid amount of money which garages charge for fixing cars!

About two weeks ago my car decided to start to break, I managed to get down to Beaminster (even though stone henge ... or should i say the drive by tourists tried to kill it then), it sat for a couple of days and driving home was fine. After a few crunching / scraping sounds coming from the brakes and some idiot making me do an emergency brake outside my house the sound was worse ... I had to take it to the garage.

I went to the garage round the corner from my house and explained i thought it was the front brakes. My car went in yesterday morning to have the work done ... only to find that a lot more needed to be done than previously thought and yup my savings were going to take a hit.

As for the rant ... how can garages, who kinda have a neish market, charge so much for labour?!?! I know they probably made some money off the parts anyway ... but seriously! They surely only need to cover the mechanic's wages, running costs and make a little money ... I can't believe it comes to so much!

Anyway, so glad my bonus is coming through at the end of the month. I'm not going to get much and all of it is pretty much going to paying for my car :-(