Saturday, 5 May 2012

29 to 30–Q1 Review (Feb to April)

So the first quarter has drawn to a close so lets review where I got to with the objectives I set myself …

1. Launch personal website

I achieved this quite early on in the quarter. This was a site I’d been playing with, tweaking and re-writing a number of times over the past 6+ months. I finally decided that I’d got it to a point and published it. My problem is I never seem to be completely happy with what I write and want to put it out perfect. This doesn’t work in real life, so now I’ve got my site out there and there is a platform to build on and improve instead of striving for perfection, missing it and never getting anything into the world.

2. Run competitive 10km race

On the 15th April 2012 I took part in the 10km Regency Run in Leamington Spa. I completed the course in 54mins 52 seconds. I’m proud that I did it under my target time of an hour and glad that between my wife (@lau84) and I managed to raise almost £200 for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

3. Play disc golf right handed again

Unfortunately I have missed this. I had a set back with my recovery from surgery mid Jan to March and only now I’m starting to get back into going to the gym for a workout. My running has been going quite well recently and general fitness is pretty good so I don’t think it will be much longer (fingers crossed). I have been playing left handed and competed in the Bristol Open 2012 on the last weekend of April playing lefty.

4. Sand and paint the doors and frames upstairs in house

Missed this too. Due to my shoulder recovery set back I have not been able to do this. It will be on the list for next quarter so at least by the time the kitchen is done the upstairs should be looking a bit better.

5. Blog more

This was a bit of a woolly objective, you’ve got to have one woolly objective! I’m going to say I’ve hit this as along with my objectives posts I have done a couple of posts about other stuff with the highlight being a public refactoring exercise laid down by K. Scott Allen of OdeToCode fame which was reviewed by the man himself and my code can be found on Github. Totally going to count this as achieved!