Monday, 25 May 2009

Long time no post ...

... because of many reasons. The lack of posting over the past few months is due to a few reasons mainly work related and not wanting to look at a computer screen after a day at work. This in addition to being shattered (due to work) and that's pretty much it.

We've had some pretty tight deadlines recently and due to this long hours and weekends have needed to be worked. This has prevented me from going to the gym and playing disc golf as much as I'd have liked. It makes going to the fridge and grabbing a beer very easy and this is very much the anti exercise :-)

What's been happening over the past few months?!

Well I've been working quite a lot. We've had some pretty big projects coming through dev recently and the deadlines have been incredibly tight. Some of the have involved working late, working weekends, working late weekends and the days I have left the office at a reasonable time I've got home and the last thing I wanted to do was open my laptop and do anything.

Unfortunatly my PDGA rating has gone down again in the latest update. This is bad! I thought I played ok in Feb at Frostbreaker, and I did, but I was a little out of practice and my fitness levels weren't as high as they should have been for an event there. To top it off it was made up of 2 rounds of 27 holes was over 5 hrs straight of golf with no breaks each day. It was a lot of fun though!

On top of that the Quarry Park Spring Fling was 4 rounds of 18; 2 per day. This was also tough, added in with the really crap weather we had it didn't help my rating. On the Saturday I shot my worse competative round there in about 3 years. On the Sunday thinking things couldn't get any worse I ended up shooting my worse competative round there ever! Something needs to be done!

I've been out recently and thrown pretty well although I have been injured twice, once hurt my right shoulder after slipping down the bank on hole 13 and putting out my arm to stop myself (stupid reflexes!) and it jarring my shoulder quite badly. And recently second to last hole threw a forehand approach on hole 17 and just pulled my arm. It hurt a lot! So hopefully will be fit again (arm wise) by the QP open in a couple of weeks time!

Health review - Feb, March, April and May

Well the health review for the past few months has been lacking a lot. I've got rough numbers for Feb but March, April and May will be educated guesses. But recently I have increased my running. I've been averaging between 5 and 10km a week. All on the treadmill as my knees and shins are trying to get use to running again. I've only counted this as a gym visit though so still being out weighed by beer :-)

The reason behind increased running is I want to loose some weight and hit my target I set myself back at the beginning of Feb. I managed to get down to 12 stone before I went to Frostbreaker, but recently that has creeped back up to a steady 12stone 4. I'm still aiming for 11 stone 7 before going down to dorset in August, so that gives me 2 months to loose the best part of a stone. Can this be done? Well thats the challenge. As part of this I'm going to give up beer in June and beyond if it helps :-)

Rough numbers / estimates of beer and exercise over the past few months :

Feb : 6 dg rounds, 6 gym visits, 16 lengths, 27 beers
Mar: 6 dg rounds, 10 gym visits, 0 lengths, 30 beers (including dev social)
Apr: 4 dg rounds, 12 gym visits, 0 lengths, 25 beers
May: 2 dg rounds, 10 gym visits, 0 lengths, 25 beers (including dev social)

So that estimately equates to :

18 rounds of disc golf (including hurt shoulder and elbow so should have been higher!)
38 gym visits
16 lengths
107 beers

June - no beer!

So no beer in June; it's going to be interesting. We've got some interesting deadlines coming up at work and for a dev beer is a good way to relax. I've decided that if I get home and want a beer I need to make myself go to the gym for a run. It will take my mind off it.

In additon to the weight loss and general fitness I've taken up running again as Lau and I are going to run in a 10km "fun run" in September and my initial target was to do it in 1 hr 10mins which seems reasonable. But if I push it and train well I think I could do it in an hour. 10km / h isn't back breaking but it's going to take a bit of dedication and effort to do it. That is the challenge!

The running is going ok generally. I've been running 3 to 5 km each time I go to the gym with my best so far of 5km is about 32/33 minutes. I need to start getting my body use to running for a longer period though. So I'm going to cut down the speed and try and increase the stamina and then work up the speed. I'm quite excited about training for the run and not drinking beer will help me loose some weight as well.

Current Status : Bad!
Beers: 268
Miles: 33
DG Rounds: 43
Gym visits: 61
Lengths : 16 (month(s): 0; total: 486)

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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