Monday, 1 February 2010

January Update; it’s all about the diet & disc golf

It’s time for a January update on how the diet/exercise bits and bobs are going.

Generally speaking January has been a good month. Loosing every week except the last week and then only putting on 1.5lbs that week. This week was a big one as weeks go as I had a dev social on the Friday after weigh in the week before. We then went out for a curry on the Saturday night. The following week Lau and I had our “get together” anniversary (9 years!) which also doubles as our 1/2 yr wedding anniversary (1.5yrs) and my birthday on the Thursday so went out for dinner on Wednesday. As you can image this didn’t help with getting to the gym or dieting generally.

So overall, I have lost 1.25lbs this month. This isn’t great and I need to step it up a bit in February. I really want to get under 11stone by end of Feb / mid march time. So 4-6 weeks to drop 4.5lbs so its defo do-able.

So that’s it diet wise. Along with Frostbreaker the last weekend of the month where I shot reasonably well (for me) and was only 5 shots off making the Adv Am final. This is a good achievement for me and I’m really happy with how I played. I also had loads of energy which resulted in playing another 7 or so holes after lunch while the finals where taking place but also ran up a couple of hills. The gym’ing must be helping!

Right, so end of month means first thousand beers update …

Current weight loss (since Aug ‘09) : 14 5/8lbs

Current Status : Bad! (-83.3)
Beers: 461 + 29 = 490
Miles: 162.5 (gym: 129.5; road: 33) + 20.5 = 183
DG Rounds: 67 + 8 = 75
Gym visits: 82 + 12 = 94
Lengths : 54.7 (total: 547) 

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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