Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Why do you tweet?

When Twitter came out I didn’t really see the point. As it gained in popularity I still didn’t really see the point; other than using up bandwidth. I’m not a big fan of social networking sites. I hate Facebook for a start. I think the layout is counter productive, it changes too often and generally the “apps” it has are pointless. The only reason why I’m signed up to it is some of my friends seem to have lost the ability to use email, in the traditional sense, and it’s the only way to communicate with them anymore.

Anyway, I digress …

After moving jobs back in Oct ‘09 and settling into my new role I started using Asp.Net MVC more as well as other technologies. After reading some of my regular blogs the writers started putting things like “Also follow me on twitter to get up to date posts, thoughts etc.”, so I thought why not; so I signed up.

The next question which hit me was which client to use? Well due to numerous recommendations from friends I decided to go with TweetDeck. It’s great and does what I want it to! It now just sits in my system tray and pops up every so often with little notes :-)

So the main reasons why I tweet?

- To follow some friends
- To follow .Net bloggers to links, trends etc.
- To follow Formula 1 people to keep up to date with the goings on in the sport.
- To follow some diet/health people to help with the WeightWatchers.
- Following on from the last 3 points I subscribe to a few hashtags (#f1 and #aspnet being a couple) for technology, disc golf, formula 1 and Weight Watchers.

And thats it!

I wouldn’t have found a number of blog posts and interesting details without Twitter over the past few months. The other part is the inside information about Formula 1 in the close season which before has not been possible to access, but with more and more drivers and staff using it, it’s been brilliant.

So if you’ve not thought about it before; Why do you tweet?

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