Saturday, 5 November 2011

Working with a Git repository on Windows–Mini series

I have been working on my personal development projects in local git repositories for a while now and wanted to get them into my remote git repositories for backup. Its fine having source control locally but no help if the hard drive ever failed.

On doing some research on the internet I found there was almost nothing on getting setup with Windows and Git on so I have put together this mini series of posts to aid others in doing so. The information in these posts are the processes I went through with getting setup so I hope they will help others.

In this series I’ve broken it down into three main aspects which you need to do when using Git and

  1. Getting started; setting up your SSH Public Key
  2. Pushing your code into the hosted repository
  3. Pulling your code from the hosted repository

This series is not a how to for Git usage as there are many of those out there and I have found the following links below helpful.

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