Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Journey with Asp.Net MVC and RavenDB – Introduction to Tournament

The idea of this journey is based on a number of reasons. The main two are to learn how to use and work with RavenDB, focusing the usage in an Asp.Net MVC context and the other is to re-work a site which has been live for the past 4 years which has had minimal change over that time and needs a refresh and admin functionality.

I have chosen to use RavenDB as the backend of this system due to the nature of how the data is stored. The site is a sporting results site so once an event has taken place the results will not change. They may need some tweaking while entering them but once in and confirmed they won’t change. Due to this a relational database I feel isn’t the best fit for the data. Reading and speed of reading the data is the main function. The current site calculates scores on the fly all the time where as this isn’t required due to the previous reason of once the results are in they’re in.

I have decided to post the code onto GitHub during the development so the world can see how I’m progressing. I will also be posting about what I have learnt, what issues I’ve come across and how I’ve over come them. Also I believe it’s a good way to show case of what I am capable of. This series won’t be a step by step walk through but I hope with looking at the code and the description of the main parts in the blog it should aid others in how to get up and running.

Any pointers, comments, suggestions please let me know via Twitter or leave a comment on this blog.

Let’s start the journey ….


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