Saturday, 6 October 2007

A week on, with a weekend to go ...

Yup, thats right, only a weekend to go before I can drink beer, but i'll get to that!

Its been an interesting week at work, everyone going a bit manic and everything needed to be done last week. Another bit which annoyed me was I went in early on Wednesday morning to do the final test release and then an hour later my client sent through their UAT results ... grrr!!

Ah well, thats life ...

On Sunday, Distribution Technology was ranked 40th in the Microsoft Tech Track 100. This is a big thing for my company and its a real achievement for all of us. Its a good time to be working for them and I'm really happy here, much better than my last place ... it really feels like family.

As for the beer, or lack of it ... the guys at work have come up with a cunning idea. Earlier in the summer I was said to be one of the better table football players we have in the dev department, but in the past week or so my game hasn't quite been at the top of its form. The guys think its due to the serious lack of beer in my system and my body is totally beer free and my game hasn't been great. So ... the idea is to see if when i start drinking beer again, the game ability goes back up to the same level.

However, this was potentially thrown out of the water when Russ and I won one of our dev play off games on thursday night and won all 3 of the games we played last night ... maybe I'll be even better when I have some nice cold Heiniken flowing through my body ;-)

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