Saturday, 29 September 2007

Beer -Fu was strong (for a change)

This week was an interesting week in the life of me. From a work aspect I wasn't looking forward to it as I was being put on the project from hell and I could see a few late nights creeping in to finish bits off which I wasn't looking forward to. However, this was changed early on Monday morning and I was left on my other urgent project fixing defects which had been raised by the test team and that was a good thing.

During the rest of the week I managed to get to Body Combat twice *shock* which was awesome. It was a new release launch weekend last week and I was unable to get to either of them so it was good to get there on Monday. The new release is brilliant! I really enjoyed it and I will definatly make the effort to get to the class more over the next few months because of this new release.

Due to this gym visiting week, with a fixed car, I found myself not drinking any alcohol all week. Not even wine! This i feel is helping with the weight loss and will see how much on sunday when I weekly weigh in at the gym.

Something else which sneeked in this week was the change of the BDGA board after the annual AGM. I was asked to be the Director of Competitions by the leaving DoC and the National Director. I said I'd do it as long as the outgoing DoC organises the '08 tour as at the moment I don't have time to do it with organising my wedding, looking for a house etc. This will give me the opportunity to get involved in the sport I love so much and enable me to influence the shape of the sport in the UK.

So all in all it was an interesting week ... added to the fact that I'm still recovering from the groin strain which I picked up playing football a couple of weeks ago. Its pretty much done now, it just twinges every so often so will take it easy this week, carry on working out at the gym and attending BodyCombat and hopefully make it back to football next week.

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