Sunday, 9 September 2007

Beer-fu was weak!

I was right, this weekend was going to be hard to be beer free, and it was ... so much so, that I couldn't do it ... d'oh!

I started off well, got to the resturant for Lau's bday bash and had a cocktail. It was very nice, but as normal cocktails are pretty expensive ... after a bit of um'ing and ah'ing I decided that i was going to drink Corona instead, generally nicer and cheaper!

So on the plus side, didn't drink any pints of beer, just a few bottles of Corona then went back to red bull, apple sourz and WKD in the club :-)

As for the night, it was very good. The food was good, the bar was good, the club was ok. Wasn't overly feeling the vibe in the club and didn't get my groove on properly, but it was good :-)

As for this week ... as i was weak over the weekend, I will be going alcohol free till friday.

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