Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

I've just seen The Bourne Ultimatum and thought it was pretty good.

I had some mixed reviews from people who had seen it and I wasn't expecting amazing stuff, but I thought it fitted in with the other two films brilliantly and rounded off the trilogy well ... and, just in case, left an opening for a 4th film. Which to be all honest, I hope they don't do because this film tied up many loose ends from the previous two.

At one point it was very reminiscent of X-Men 2 when wolferine goes back to where he had the operation to get his metal grafted on to his skeleton when Bourne goes back to the training facility where it all began ... but other than that, had some action, tense build up and lots of fighting which is what we've come to expect from a Bourne franchise film :-)

Lets just say it will be a box set trilogy which I will be adding to my DVD collection when its released!

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