Thursday, 20 September 2007


When I gave up beer I thought that it would be pretty easy and going without it for a month would be ok ... i was wrong. I'm actually finding it pretty hard. Chocolate consumption has gone through the roof which isn't good for the loosing of the belly, but maybe once i get my car fixed i can get to the gym more.

On the car front, the MOT only failed today due to emissions, so that should be fixed tomorrow (hopefully). So that means the brakes are fine, but I will get them looked at as I like them to be more responsive. I know a ford fiesta isn't the most powerful car or requires serious performance, but I like a bit more of a response from the brakes.

So ... fingers crossed ... my car will be back up and operational (with a new handle) for not much money and I can get back to going to the gym reguarly etc to get rid of the belly.

Its all a big circle!

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