Saturday, 31 January 2009

Exercise update for the festive period, New Year and Jan 2009

I've been thinking over the past few weeks that I want to change the angle of my blog to a more technical nature and having posted a couple of programming related posts recently I've decided that 2009 is the time to do this. I will keep a record of the exercise / beer ratio which I've been doing for a while as I've been using it as a log of my exercise. It's nice to keep a record of what has been happening.

So this is Januarys monthly post, it cover the festive period of 2008 as well. The main aims of 2009 is to loose some weight, get better at disc golf, improve the UK and local Disc golf scene and continue to work hard at my career. It's a tough time at the moment with the current economical climate and part of my aim for 2009 is to help my work push the envelope and work our way through it.

I'm also going to use these monthly posts to keep track of my aims; including the exercise and beer consumption and weigh ins. So as of the beginning of the year I was a chubba of 12stone 4 pounds. My target weight is at least 11stone 7 by the summer; more would be good tho!

So end of the month is here and I've been keeping track of the weight over the past 31 days and after hitting an all time low on my birthday (28th) I hit a 12 stone 3/7 pounds, so almost a loss of 4 pounds in a month. I can live with that ratio of a pound a week!

So here's the monthly roundup ...

1st Jan - Round of Disc golf, shot 63 (+9) with 3 2's (holes 2, 8 & 15) pretty happy start
2nd Jan - gym workout + 10 lengths
3rd Jan - Round of Disc Golf, shot 69 (+15) with 1 2 (hole 2) - drive disappeared through the 3 tree enclosures which I thought was good, when I got there it had skidded about 1.5 metres passed the basket - easy 2! :-). Swam as well, 10 lengths.
4th Jan - gym workout
6th Jan - gym workout
8th Jan - gym workout
10th Jan - doubles practice (2 rounds)
11th Jan - gym workout
13th Jan - swim 10 lengths (4b, 4f, 2b)
18th Jan - Hyzer Cup leg 2 @ Croydon - 2 rounds of DG
19th Jan - Swim 20 lengths (4b,4f,4b,2butterfly,4back, 4b)
20th Jan - gym workout
27th Jan - Swim 20 lengths (4b,4f,4b,4back,4b)
28th Jan - gym workout (birthday!!)

Total : Gym : 7
Swim : 70 lengths
DG: 6 rounds

Christmas - Eve - 5 beers
Christmas Day - 2 beers
Boxing Day - 1 beer
Holiday - 3 beers
New Years Eve - 6 beers
friday 16th - 2 beers (well 1.5 bottles, but will count 2)
20th Jan - lunchtime beer at Rev's
21st Jan - beer on the train home! Cross Country now serve Stella! WOO!!
21st Jan - beer at home ... fed up!
23rd Jan - 3 beers - Julie's birthday at Jongleurs in Birmingham
24th Jan - 1 Lager shandy - dinner with friends at Picolino's and pub after (driving!)
25th Jan - 1 lager shandy - Quarry Park Club first meeting at the White Horse, Leamington (driving!)

31st Jan - 3 beers - Met up with some old uni friends in London (cough getting better, woo!)

Total: 27

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 161
Miles: 33
DG Rounds: 25
Gym visits: 23
Lengths : 47 (month: 70; total: 470)

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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