Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sofa surfing

After a lot of talk I finally got round to moving my Mac Mini downstairs from the study and hooked it up to my tv over the festive period. It was good as it worked well at our new years party as we watched some youtube videos and played some of my music collection as we drank beer and ate vodka jelly :-)

At the weekend I decided I would buy a wireless keyboard / mouse combination so that it would be a better media pc in my livingroom and not have a random keyboard / mouse on the tv stand.

I found a reasonably cheap keyboard from and its like a laptop layout without the monitor so I am able to type pretty fast without too many errors in a short amount of time. The keyboard I got is a KeySonic CK-540 RF. It was simple plug'n' play and worked within seconds of plugging it into my Vista install. Also today I booted into Mac OS X to do some updates and it recognised it and then had a couple of configuration questions to workout the keyboard layout but then worked first time. Very impressed with it so far, will post again when I've used it for a while and see how things go :-)

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