Monday, 9 November 2009

Have people not heard how to use namespaces?!?!

I’m trying to work out how something works and it’s over mulitple dlls. This is fine in the grand scheme of things. They aren’t large dlls either and the names of them gave me hope that it would be well designed. One has the data access code, one with common code and one with the business rules. Three projects working together isn’t large at all. I’ve worked with Visual Studio solutions with almost 100 projects in, so how hard could this be … ?!

So far so good …

That was until I started looking at the names of the class definitions. This is the point when I wanted to bang my head on the desk!

In the data access dll, it has a data access namespace, yet all the class definitions are prefixed with ‘dal’.


In the business rules dll, it has a business rules namespace, yet all the class definitions are prefixed with ‘br’.

No seriously, why?

And to top it all off, the data entities are in the the 3rd dll, all post fixed with ‘Data’ … this in itself isn’t bad, except the namespace is ‘Data’ so that kinda makes the post fix redundant.

And don’t get me started on the name of the dll … and no it doesn’t even have the word ‘data’ in it (see the opening paragraph ;-))

Why would you do that?!?!


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