Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A device attached to the system is not functioning

I rebooted my windows 7 machine yesterday and could successfully remote desktop to it. I then disconnected from the session as I had some things running and wanted them to continue to run. When I try to re-connect tonight I get :


Any ideas what this means?

Edit: Tried running remote desktop from the command line with the /console option and that doesn’t resolve the issue either :-(


Damion said...

I am receiving the same error on my system. did you ever get an answer?

West said...

@Damion - It was due to the keysonic wireless keyboard/touch pad ir usb stick. It needed you to log on to the console first before remoting to it. Once you've logged onto the machine from the console for the first time you can then remote to it fine. I got round the issue of actually sitting at the machine by using team viewer. Hope this helps.