Friday, 1 January 2010

End of 2009 – General thoughts, musings and diet updates.

Well the end of the year is upon us and I think it’s time I reflected a little on what’s happened diet wise, fitness wise and a little in general.

First time in a while the exercise has been above and beyond the beer intake. With this and the diet that I’m undertaking with my wife the weight has gone down slowly yet steadily which is good. At least this way I am more likely to keep it off. I’m also feeling a lot healthier now that I have lost some weight and generally eating better. Improving what we ate (using Weight Watchers cook books) the food has been filling, tasty and yet not fatty or loads of points.

At least once a winter period I go down with a stinking cold, I don’t get the flu as I have the inoculation every year, and it hits me for 6 for a few weeks at a time. Since going to the gym regularly and eating better I have felt great for the past few months not being worse than a bit of a blocked nose, until now. Ah well, hopefully will start feeling better when I get back into the swing of things with gym, food and work on Monday.

I’ve been impressed that I’ve managed to keep the weight off as well and I feel good for it. Only downside is the bits they don’t tell when you’re on a diet like you’ll feel the cold more as you don’t have so much podge to keep you warm! Below is the graph of weight loss since the start of the diet. As you can see it’s been a bit poor over the festive period but will get it back on track in January.


As for work related stuff, it’s been up and down this past year as I’ve posted before, but I am looking forward to the new year and what it will bring. I’ve got a lot of things planned both work and external related and I look forward to implementing most if not all of it. Also in the new year I will be posting more disc golf related content as well as more coding and design posts. I hope you enjoy!

Right, last bit to do is the first thousand beers update …

Current weight loss (since Aug) : 13 3/8lbs

Current Status : Bad! (-94.8)
Beers: 386 + 75 =  461
Miles: 97.3 (gym: 64.3; road: 33) + 65.2  = 162.5
DG Rounds: 62 + 5 = 67 
Gym visits: 70  + 12 = 82
Lengths : 51 (total: 512) + 35 =  547 => 54.7
Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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