Thursday, 22 March 2012

Help the world; help your Granny upgrade

As a web developer having to support multiple browsers can be (very) painful at times. Getting your client to agree on which browsers need to be supported for your project and ruling out older ones is a good way forward, but until we get people to upgrade and stop using older browsers then there will always be people trying to look at your site in IE6 and wondering “why does it look this bad?”

Personally that makes me sad.

Just think … you can make a difference this Easter! When you go and see your relatives (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.) this Easter weekend coming have thought for your loved ones and the offense they may see online. Remember why we celebrate Easter and while you go to church and/or sit down to eat a lovely roast dinner with your family be a loved one and click windows update and get the latest version of Internet Explorer (or download another latest version browser).

Remember, the sooner we get people not using it the sooner more people get to use websites around world the way they were designed to be used!

Help get this percentage down this Easter (at time of writing globally 7.1% / UK 1.4%) …

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