Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An answer to OdeToCode–A refactoring experiment

I was shown a blog post by @MrKevHunter on OdeToCode.com earlier today which was partial interview question / partial skills exercise to flex your brain and coding ability.

So at lunch time I forked and pulled the code down and set about the little exercise. My first attempt was exactly that a first attempt. I wasn’t overly happy with it but generally it was ok. So on the way home I decided to continue the refactoring and have come up with a solution which I’m much happier with and have pushed that up to Github.

Let me know what you think … https://github.com/WestDiscGolf/Katas

Kev’s version can be found : https://github.com/MrKevHunter/Katas

And the original (if you want a go) can be found: https://github.com/OdeToCode/Katas

Thanks for the challenge Scott!

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