Friday, 29 August 2008

Thursday evening beer ... wife recommended

Got home last night and as I walked in the door the wife was serving up my dinner (she's the best) and then asked me if I wanted a beer (she's amazing!) ... what more could I want :-)

Anyway, should get a couple of rounds under my belt at the weekend and organise some new trainers so I can go running again. Can't wait till Lau's contract at LA Fitness expires in November so we can both go and join Cannons and I can get back to working out, swimming and going to Body Combat regularly!

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 41
Miles: 19
DG Rounds: 8

Good => Miles + DG Rounds > Beers
Level => Miles + DG Rounds == Beers
Bad => Miles + DG Rounds < Beers

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