Thursday, 28 August 2008

Welcome to the world ... US Style

I was listening to the keynote speech Democratic Vice President nominee Joe Biden made last night at the DNC and it made me laugh.

At one point he goes on about how every day people are asking questions about standard of living which he claims hasn't improved under Bush and won't under McCain. One of the questions he talks about is the regular people asking "how can we afford $60 to $70 to fill up the tank?" and I was thinking "hang on a minute ... "

*goes to*

That works out at £32.73 to £38.19 to fill up your car. It initially struck me ... Welcome to the Real World!!

I'm going to guess that they were talking about a big people mover not the small fiesta I drive and that costs me £35 to fill up!

So I think they should count themselves lucky its taken them this long to have to pay a stupid amount of money to fill up the car!!

Disclaimer: I know we have high fuel tax in the UK, and I don't know about it in the USA, but thats not the point of the rant :-)

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