Tuesday, 24 June 2008

2 more beers, 1 exercise

Another weekend has gone by and at the mo that means painting for me, but after painting another room and becoming a broken man I gave in, watched a dvd and had a couple of beers. It was good to unwind, but it means I'm more in debt, although not so much as expected. I played some disc golf on friday evening for an hour or so, and had another 1.5 hours of practice yesterday which I think equates to about a round, so I'm going to count it ... I made the rules so I can class that as some exercise :-)

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 4
Miles: 0
DG Rounds: 1

Good => Miles + DG Rounds > Beers
Level => Miles + DG Rounds == Beers
Bad => Miles + DG Rounds < Beers

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