Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Beer update

Well a week or so has past since the last beer update and in that time the Dev Social has come and gone. It was a good time enjoyed by all with a cracking turn out with over half the dev team attending (there were 13 of us at the pub).

I had a night off from the diet / beer free (which has been going well) and had a evening with my other woman (yes Lau knows!). In the end I had 5 pints of my lovely Stella. They went down slowly, yet well. Then Russ decided we should have some Sambuka ... yuck yuck yuck!!

Anyway, the beer ratio is back to being more rubbish again. I've had an issue with my toe for a few days so I've not been able to go for a run which I am going to try and remedy either tonight or tomorrow night. Also I'm going up to Burnlaw at the weekend for the final BDGA tour event of the year so should nail another 3 rounds of dg to add to the total.

Every little helps!!

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 51
Miles: 25
DG Rounds: 10

Good => Miles + DG Rounds > Beers
Level => Miles + DG Rounds == Beers
Bad => Miles + DG Rounds < Beers

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