Wednesday, 3 September 2008

DoC Update - '09 Tour

I've decided to start posting thoughts about what is going on with being the DoC and what changes if/when I'm trying to put into place and generally help people understand what goes on in the world of the BDGA DoC.

For a start some people new to the sport might not know what the DoC is and what they are responsible for, so I'll start there :-)

What is DoC?

DoC stands for Director of Competitions for the British Disc Golf Association. As DoC I am responsible for organising and scheduling the national tour and nationals events for each year. As well as this I am on the board of directors for the BDGA which involves being part of discussion and decision making process. We as a board are always looking for ways to increase the coverage and exposure of the sport to more people in the UK.

I also found out today that I am responsible for organising trophies for the National Championships ... wish I had been told earlier! ;-)

What Am I Currently Doing?

At the moment I have started the ball rolling with contacting people about running national tour events for '09 and waiting for their responses. I've put together the bidding forms which I will email out soon and will also look to post them for everyone/anyone to get hold of and bid for an event for '09 :-)

Whats Next?

Well, I am going to look to post semi regularly so you can all keep up with what is going on in the word of West and being DoC. Along with this I also post random stuff along the lines of running, beer and techy stuff (when I get round to it).

If you have any comments or ideas about anything disc golf related please leave a comment.

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