Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Exercise Week #5 & Hyzer Cup

Another week has passed so its time for another blog post to document the exercise vs beer ratio! :-)

It's been a busy week both at work and home with a few ups and downs so I've not managed to get to the gym as much as I'd like to have this week; however this has worked out quite well as I didn't want to over do it before the Hyzer Cup at the weekend, so all is good.

It was the inaugural Hyzer cup meeting between Quarry Park DGC and Croydon DGC at QP. The format was doubles match play in the morning and singles match play in the afternoon. It was a great day, the weather was good (for the time of the year - sunny but feecking cold!), the banter was good, the golf was good! I won both my matches, the first with my team mate Rich Hatton; the other half of team "Double Impact".

Qp went on to win the event by 11.5 points to 9.5.

Bring on the return leg down in Croydon in January!!!

Monday - 40 lengths (b,f,b,fly,b,f,b,back,f,b)
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 30 lengths (b,f,b,fly,b,back, b(6))
Thursday - rest
Friday - 10 lengths (b,f,fly(1), b(1))
Saturday - 2 rounds disc golf - Hyzer cup QP vs Croydon
Sunday - rest

Thursday - 1 beer
Friday - 1 beer (burger friday)
Saturday - 1 beer (dinner)
Sunday - 1 beer (lunch)

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 105
Miles: 33
DG Rounds: 18
Gym visits: 8
Lengths : 38 (week: 80; total: 380)

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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