Friday, 7 November 2008

Server / computer naming conventions

I've worked in a few places which have cool (in a geeky way) names for naming computers and servers on their corporate network and I didn't quite realise the extent that people go to when doing this until reading a question / answer on StackOverflow which was Coolest Server Names.

At the first IT job I had the servers and computers where named after characters from the Muppetts. Our main server was called Gonzo and then when the mail server got its own box it was piggy (after Miss Piggy). Our workstations were the usual Kermit, Fozzie and Beaker. After I had left and they had moved office they started again with Simpsons characters. At my current job we use to only have elements on the periodic table. I started with Paladium and then Iodine. The dev servers are technetium, tellurium and tantalum.

Why am I posting this? Well On the answers on StackOverflow the top rated answer I thought was great so thought I'd post it here ...
The funniest server name story I have is from when I worked at the Kennedy Space Center. On our particular project, our main server was named snowwhite, and the 7 client workstations were named after the Seven Dwarves. The kicker is, one day one of our engineers ran into a Disney Imagineer who worked at Walt Disney World, and they started talking about server names. The Disney Imagineer said "that's funny, we have a group of servers named columbia, challenger, atlantis, and discovery."

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