Monday, 1 December 2008

100th Post

When I started this I didn't think I'd actually get to the 100th post. I know there is a very limited audience to this blog but this has become a good place for me to just note things down and keep track of stuff - keeps me happy.

It's not quite turned out as I'd originally thought it would, having not posted any technical/coding related posts since starting this madness, but I think it will get there eventually especially as I start playing around with new technologies (yes I'm starting to find time for this ... kinda) and doing some other stuff and mainly catching up with everyone else in the world :-)

Well the week has started and the month is a new one (where the hell has 2008 gone?!?!?!) so will crack on with work and try and get as much done as possible before having some time off over Christmas.

Laters :-)

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