Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Exercise Week #8 & #9

The past few weeks have been very manic at work and I have not been able to find time to update this as often as I usually do. This is partially down to Christmas parties, but also due to the increased pressure at work to get a certain project through the UAT criteria which is pretty tight. I didn't have to go in at the weekend (20/21) but a lot of the chaps did and worked really hard. I think we're all looking forward to some time off over Christmas to see the families and recover ... ready for the new year.

Bad time for the beer ratio, really need to try harder over the festive period and on into next year :-)

Week #8
Monday - 1 gym visit
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Working late
Thursday - rest
Friday - Work Christmas Party
Saturday - Recovery
Sunday - rest

Week #9
Monday - 1 gym visit
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Feeling rough
Thursday - Off work ill
Friday - Lau's Work Christmas Party
Saturday - resting (recovery and due to lack of sleep due to Lau's coughing keeping me awake)
Sunday - 1 gym visit + 10 lengths swim (b,2f,b)

Week #8 Beers
Wednesday - 1 beer
Friday - 6 beers (Christmas Party)

Week #9 Beers
Thursday - 2 beers (Medicine wasn't working)
Friday - 6 beers (Burger Friday & Christmas Party)
Sunday - 2 beers (Parents after Carol service)

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 131
Miles: 33
DG Rounds: 19
Gym visits: 16
Lengths : 40 (week: 10; total: 400)

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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