Monday, 1 June 2009

First 10km

Yesterday afternoon was my first 10km run. It was mainly just to see if I actually could do it. I set the speed at 8km/hr and just kept at it. It was the discipline which was required which was the most interesting part of it. Both the sticking at a steady speed and not changing it and potentially bringing the run to an end early, but also mind over body determination to carry on when your body is saying "why are you doing this?!".

So first 10km was done in 75mins ... this equates to 6.2miles (which is what I measure on below).

I've decided to take running at the gym into account, otherwise I'll never recover the deficit, also if I run 10km I'd only get 1 in the positive pot ... that sucks ... and I make the rules :-)

Current Status : Bad!
Beers: 268
Miles: 39.2 (gym: 6.2; road: 33)
DG Rounds: 43
Gym visits: 61
Lengths : 0 (month: 0; total: 486)

Good => Exercise > Beers
Level => Exercise == Beers
Bad => Exercise < Beers

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