Friday, 4 July 2008

Becoming a regular ... well kinda

I'm starting to like the whole running around the streets of Leamington. I've done the same route now a few times and its getting a bit easier, or i'm getting faster and not noticing the dying so much. I decided last night that I'm going to up my distance to 2 or 2.5 miles depending on the route which I find. It will be harder not only in distance, but I've decided to start venturing up the Parade (which is the main shopping street in Leamington and its on a hill) and the surroundings (which are on the same hill).

The reasoning ... hopefully I'll improve my ratio quicker, will keep you updated on the route and if I don't post I've killed myself!

Current Status : Bad!

Beers: 11
Miles: 4.5
DG Rounds: 5

Good => Miles + DG Rounds > Beers
Level => Miles + DG Rounds == Beers
Bad => Miles + DG Rounds < Beers

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